Used Tetra Pak and Beverage Machinery


Used Bottling Equipment includes: used Tetra Pak, blow moulders (Sidel,Tetra Pak etc.), fillers (Krones,AVE,Stork etc.) cappers, labellers, shrinkwrappers, beverage equipment, juice lines, used depalletisers, used canning line, Tetra Pak , used bottling line, used filling lines, rotary filler, sachet filler etc.

Complete breweries: (a complete used brewery or including some new parts)can also be built to your specifications, savings can be substantial compared to all new equipment.

Please note that we make every effort to update our website regularly, but as the available used bottling equipment changes daily, we cannot guarantee that all the used bottling equipment listed is still available. If the machine you are looking for is not listed below, please contact us anyway as we may be able to find it for you. We also understand that many companies also 'look down' on used equipment and prefer to only buy new - please remember that every machine in your factory is now used equipment!








Carton Filler/capper

Tetra Pak


C3/Flex XH with DIMC


7000/hour at 1Ltr Square

From 2004, complete with traypacker. 010V Development step. 10,800 working hours.


Can be seen working. Also has tooling for 500ml Square. First class condition.

Complete filling equipment for drinks in cups


THM 16/32, Horizontal form/fill and seal. Forms the cup, fills and seals it.

12 cups per cycle. In a 3X4 formation. 185ml cup.

last used on soft drinks, complete with tanks,pumps etc.


Complete with spare parts, instruction manual etc.

Sidel Blow Moulder




Built 1996


Excellent condition, complete with Sidel preform feeder etc.Bottle

Monoblock Wine Filler/corker


24 Valves, 6 head AROL corker

6000 bottles/hr at 70cl.

From 1991


All stainless steel, good condition, fully guarded.

Tetra Pak TBA19-200S complete line being loaded in Poland for delivery to India (this is the third Tetra Pak line we have sold to this satisfied customer) - now installed and in production. PLEASE NOTE - We have a team of ex Tetra Pak technicians available who can dismantle and install Tetra Pak equipment worldwide.


Other manufacturers equipment that we sell include: Krones, Sipa, Sidel, PET, SBO24, Tetra Pak, Bucher, AVE, Cobert/Bertolaso, Universal, Zalkin and Sidel.


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