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During the 25 years that we have been trading, we have been asked for various types of equipment, including a used oil refinery. Not wanting to disappoint the customer, we have developed a network of contacts within other industries - including companies that can supply a used oil refinery and also a new modular refinery. Therefore if you are looking to buy other plants not related to the food industry (see examples below) please contact us - we may surprise you with what we can offer!

Used Oil Refinery - from 150BPD - 100,000BPD. We could have a used oil refinery available that may be suitable for your project.

Please see table below for availability of a used oil refinery.

New Small Batch Oil Refineries

These are available in sizes 100BPD, 200BPD, 300BPD, 400BPD and 500BPD. They have a batch style operation. They can be mounted in a container and be mobile if required(using an optional generator). These are a new design and offer basic refining at the lowest cost possible for startup companies.

New Modular Oil Refineries

We can offer low capacity refineries - these are containerised modular crude oil atmospheric distillation units(ADU) which vary in size from 500BPD - 6,000 BPD capacity. These are built to international standards for either for hot tropical conditions or arctic conditions. They are simply controlled via a laptop and have many automatic safety features built-in. These are suitable for localised production of automotive diesel, naptha, jet kerosene, HFO etc. in an oil producing area.  Two or more plants can be installed on a single site allowing the simultaneous processing of more than one type of crude oil; and one plant can still be in operation in the event another plant is down for maintenance. These can be set up and in operation within two to three weeks after arrival at a site where the foundations and storage tanks are already in place. The operator interface and safety features of the refinery have been specifically designed to allow the plant to be operated and maintained by personnel with a sound technical competency but who do not need to be skilled refinery engineers. The manufacturers can also provide installation, an operational spares package and full operator training after installation.

The Modular Refinery consists of an Atmospheric Distillation Unit(ADU) (or Topping Plant) and includes the following:

Additional equipment we can provide if required are:

The following are the prevailing codes and standards in the United States for engineering and design. These codes are adhered to in the processing, layout and selection of the various component parts used in the fabrication and assembly of this plant:

All process vessels are designed and fabricated in accordance with the ASME Code, Section VIII, Division 1. The tower and strippers are carbon steel, with associated trays being 316 stainless steel as required. Fabrication shops for the vessels are tested and certified by ASME, insurance companies and other regulatory agencies to perform fabrication in accordance with the ASME Code, Section VIII, Division 1.

The fabrication shops must use certified welders who are tested and certified in accordance with the ASME Code, Section IX. Pressure gauges, in accordance with standards are calibrated annually with a dead weight tester. Certified mill test reports on materials used on ASME Coded vessels are provided and shipped with each vessel for the buyer's and customs use. Sufficient surge capacity is provided in all vessels to assure stable control and allow corrective action to be taken in the event of a process upset or equipment failure. Sufficient elevation is provided for all vessels to assure adequate suction head at low liquid level for pumps.

The heater is a horizontal cabin-type with a convection section. Certified mill test reports on materials used to build the heater are provided and shipped with the heater for the buyer's and customs use. Burners can be designed to meet the needs of multiple fuel sources. The heater is built in accordance with the following codes:

All piping and valves required within the process battery limits are provided, fabricated and installed to the maximum practical extent. Piping design is according to ANSI B31.3. All process piping is A-106, Grade B seamless unless otherwise specified.

* Codes and Standards above will be determined by the manufacturer and are subject to revision based on final destination and overall product safety.


Tank Storage

Virtually any type and size (up to 100,000 cu mtr)of petrochemical storage tank, built to high specifications for a very good price by manufacturers with over 30 years experience and full ISO quality management systems. They are available with a full range of accessories including safety vents, flame arrestors, relief and emergency vents and many other items. Fire fighting equipment is also available. Installation assistance is also available in most parts of the world.

Storage Tank Types Available:

Bulk Storage Tanks                                                   Atmospheric Storage Tank

Internal & External Floating Roof Storage Tank            Double wall underground or above ground Storage Tanks

Emergency Drain-Down Storage Tanks                      

Wind Turbines - Various sizes available.

Containerised Generators - 2MW rated, Caterpillar units, 50 or 60Hz, diesel or gas, new or reconditioned with warranty, can be set up in multiples, installation assistance available, set up in days!

Please note that we make every effort to update our website weekly, but as stock changes daily, we cannot guarantee that all the equipment listed is still available.








LPG extraction from low pressure flare line.

 New processing unit.

These units can be inserted in the low pressure pipeline to the flare to reduce 'smoking' and collect LPG at the same time.

For example - a 12,000BPD oilfield should produce approx. 6 tons of LPG per day with this equipment.

Output will vary dependant on crude being produced.

 Help to improve your local environment!

New Modular Oil Refinery



Crude oil. New modular refinery being assembled:

New modular skid-mounted  refineries



The new modular oil refineries can be joined in multiples. If the site has been prepared and tanks in place, refinery can be working in days.




New modular oil refinery units are guaranteed.

Complete Sandwich Panel Line


EPS or mineral wool. 1150mm panel width, 13.5Mtr max length

 Speed is from 1 to 4Mtrs/minute, dependant on size.

PLC controlled


Still installed and can be seen working.

Hydraulic Heated Tobacco Press



 Vertical orientation

 4 or 8 electrically heated plattens

 These presses are built to order

8 Platten Press:


 6 Platten press (rear view): 


 Brand new, designed and built by us.

Vacuum tin lid applicator - used with tobacco tins.


 In-line, conveyorised, suitable for round or rectangular tins.

Speed - approx. 8 tins/minute

Adjustable speed and vacuum time.


 Brand new, designed and built by us.



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